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Online Estimate Process

At EC Foundations, we value getting to know our customers, listening to their concerns, and creating an honest and transparent relationship. Our process respects you, your expectations, and your home.


First, we perform a thorough site visit in order to understand the situation and assess what will be required to solve the problem correctly and efficiently.

This site visit includes speaking with you to learn more about your experiences with the issue, including any previous attempts to address the issue, as well as your family’s requirements for timing and budget.


After the initial site visit, we will prepare a detailed proposal that will explain the nature of the problem in-depth, including what will be required to repair it, costs, and proposed schedules.

We will then schedule a second visit to review the proposal with you and answer any preliminary questions you may have.


Finally, we will promptly follow up with you after you’ve had a chance to read and absorb the proposal, to clarify any information regarding the scope of work and have any of your questions answered.

Once you have accepted the proposal, we will organize all the necessary permits, licenses, agreements, and structural drawings to set your home’s foundation repair up for success.

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We always take the time to get to know our customers and their foundation repair needs. Please contact us to learn more and arrange for your free estimate.

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    Please upload up to 3 images of the area where the issue occurs, or where work will be required. In order for our experts to better serve you, please provide photos of the area from different angles, and different distances to show the entirety of the project.