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Your house is your home, a safe place for you and your family and one of your largest investments. It deserves a solid foundation.

For over 30 years, EC Foundations has been dedicated to delivering innovative, effective, and lasting foundation repair solutions for homeowners in the Ottawa community. With more than 5000 successful foundation repairs under our belts, we have extensive knowledge of the varying types of foundations and soil conditions in the Ottawa region.

The EC Foundations team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We take the time to thoroughly examine your foundation, consult senior engineers when necessary, and deliver the highest standard of service with a solution that will ensure your foundation is repaired once and for all.

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When it comes to repairing structural deficiencies, understanding the type of foundation and soils you are dealing with will ensure the work is done correctly. Over 30 years of experience has helped EC Foundations assess and understand the different soil varieties in the Ottawa region.


As rubble and stone foundation walls start to breakdown and deteriorate over time, they need to be restored. At EC Foundations we inspect your foundation walls and determine the best restoration method for repair.


Once your foundation starts permeating water, the deterioration of your concrete is accelerated. Addressing the issue immediately will not only prevent deterioration but also ensure that the problem does not escalate. All our waterproofing is completed on the exterior of the foundation walls with top quality materials and workmanship.


When it comes to foundation wall crack repairs, EC Foundations has a proven method that has been effective for over 30 years. All our crack repairs are completed on the exterior of the foundation wall with top quality materials and workmanship. No shortcuts.


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Our team takes pride in offering outstanding service and adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. While many offer a one-size-fits-all approach to foundation repairs, EC Foundations has the experience, expertise, and skillset to carefully examine each individual situation and develop customized solutions tailored to your home’s unique needs. No shortcuts!


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We’re very proud of what our customers say about us! When you choose EC Foundations, you will have peace of mind knowing the work will be done to the proper standards, there won’t be any misleading warranties or guarantees, no unexpected surprises on the final bill, and ultimately there will be more value-added to your home. Take a look at what past customers have written about our quality, service and ethics:

Expert Foundation Repairs in Ottawa Ontario

Why Choose EC Foundations?

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of certified experts with extensive experience in foundation repair.
  • Quality Workmanship: We use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure durable and effective repairs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize our customers’ needs and provide personalized solutions to meet their specific requirements.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of our services.
  • Local Expertise: As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the unique foundation challenges in Ottawa and provide tailored solutions.
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Foundation Repair FAQ

What are the signs that my foundation needs repair?

Common signs include cracks in walls or floors, doors and windows that stick, uneven floors, and water seepage in the basement.

How long does a foundation repair take?

The duration of the repair depends on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs can take a few days, while more extensive repairs may take a week or longer.

Is foundation repair covered by homeowners' insurance?

It depends on your policy and the cause of the damage. It’s best to check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

What causes foundation problems?

Foundation problems can be caused by various factors, including poor soil conditions, improper drainage, tree roots, and extreme weather conditions.

How much does foundation repair cost?

The cost varies based on the severity of the damage and the type of repair required. We offer free consultations and estimates to provide you with an accurate quote.